There is something so special about the timeless beauty of an expertly crafted pergola. It forms the epicenter of outdoor family unions, and creates a welcoming aura of homeliness. Do you need a shade providing pergola for your patio? With translucent or tinted roof sheeting perhaps? Perhaps you'd like a retractable shade awning to go with your pergola? Painted a color of your choice? No problem! Our professional team would be happy to transform your vision into a reality.

Which type should you choose?

Pergolas can be classed into 5 groups:
- Basic grid type
- Basic without purlins (rafters only over beams)
- Basic with roof sheeting
- Shade providing
- Shade providing with sheeting

A basic pergola consists of posts supporting a beam or beams, over which rafters are placed at ~800mm centers, and finally purlins are placed over the rafters at ~800mm centers. This type of pergola gives a pleasant 800mm x 800mm grid effect.
The basic with sheeting is self explanatory
A shade providing pergola is the same as the basic except for one crucial element: the purlins are spaced much closer together to create shade. 50% shade and 25% shade are common options. This pergola gives a pleasant slatted appearance.
Once again, the shade providing pergola with sheeting is fairly self explanatory.

What about roof sheeting?

Our roof sheeting options include:
- Clear polycarbonate IBR profile sheeting
- Tinted polycarbonate IBR profile sheeting
- Clear polycarbonate corrugated profile sheeting
- Tinted polycarbonate corrugated profile sheeting

Our unique facia design can help reduce visibility of the sheeting from the sides of the pergola if required.

Our policarbonate sheeting is 0.8-1.0mm UV resistant, and extremly durable even in the harshest environments.
It generally requires no maintenance with the exception of the odd cleaning now and then.

We are flexible!

Remember, we welcome clients who need tailor-made solutions. Please contact us with your requirements, no matter how abstract they may be. Our capable design and installation team will surprise you!

We would be happy to assist you with any questions you might have, so please feel free to contact us. We would love to discuss your requirements and ideas or give advice. Please visit our gallery to see our recent pergola projects.